Vixen – The Show
29 april 2017 kl 19:00
Längd: 60 min
Språk: Engelska och scandinaviska
Rekommenderas från 13år

En föreställning om kvinnliga stereotyper och könsroller. Vad är en stark kvinna och vad får henne att falla? I contortion, lina, rep och i trapets gör de tre artisterna upp med samhällets förväntningar på kvinnorollen. Det Nordiska nycirkuskompaniet Tanter presenterar en föreställning i världsklass. Absurd, galen och magnifik.
Missa inte detta!

TRAILER Vixen – not to fall under the pressure of improvised movements-HD from TANTER on Vimeo.

The performance
Absurd, insane and magnificent; three women throw themselves at female stereotypes – building them up and tearing them apart. What is a strong woman and what makes her break? Vixen is a power blast of energy, performed with comic timing, absurd images and pathos. The restrictions around presenting yourself as female come to be like the form of a poem, a space vast and rich with resonance. This is a show for anyone who questions the rules of being yourself. With two ropes, contortion and a swinging trapeze, between the elegant and the hysterical, the brutal and the self-controlled, Tanter bring a full-on hour of fanatically female soul flashing explosion.

The company
Tanter consists of Karoline Aamås (a strong fast rope artist), Moa Asklöf Prescott (a slackrope artist with taste of drama) and Elise Bjerkelund Reine (a freak-magnet specialised in swinging trapeze and contortion). After finishing their studies at DOCH in Stockholm, AFUK in Copenhagen and CNAC in France they formed the company Tanter, and premiered their first show Vixen in April 2015. They are three wild women who want to change the world for the better. They make work that aims to create increased understanding between people, using circus playing with stereotypes and expectations, finding themselves all three wildly different and still surprisingly alike.