Kristofferscenen is the western part of Stockholm´s stage for contemporary circus.

The stage is situated in an unique space in the main building of Kristofferskolan close to Brommaplan. With seating for 600 persons and stage dimensions of 12x14m it is one of the biggest stages in Stockholm. The hous is drawn by the architect Erik Asmussen and was built in 1966.

The stage is run by the association of Kristofferscenen in collaboration with CirkusPerspektiv, Kristofferskolan and Kristofferskolan´s building association. We want to develop the venue over time and present a wide variety of circus of high artistic quality, to everyone in the western part of Stockholm and beyond.

Kristofferscenen’s aim is to highlight and support contemporary circus arts emerging from Sweden. By facilitating access to a space for creation, production, experimentation and presentation of contemporary circus  in Stockholm we generate and increase opportunities for contemporary circus arts to evolve nationally.

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If you have questions contact the customer support of Kulturbiljetters at: or 08 – 50 25 40 80

Marklandsbacken 11
168 36  Bromma