Marie-Andrée Robitaille
Marie-Andrée studied human sciences while training as a dancer at École de Danse de Québec and as a circus artist at the National Circus School in Montréal, Canada. Since 1998, Marie-Andrée has worked as a circus performer with Cirkus Cirkör, as a multidisciplinary artist and producer in various international projects, an artistic counsellor, instructor/pedagogue, stuntwoman and as a talent scout in the casting team for Cirque du Soleil. In 2011, she founded CirkusPerspektiv, a circus company based in Stockholm. The company has a repertoire consisting of a series of experimental circus pieces on the representation of women in circus that has led to Gynoïdes Circus Female Intelligentsia presented at Orionteatern in Sweden in January 2016. Marie-Andrée has been the curator of six editions of the « Women in Circus Consortium » across Scandinavia. From 2009 to 2018, she was the head of the Bachelor’s programme in Circus at Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH). At SKH, she has conducted a series of artistic research projects seeking alternatives modes of composition in circus, and she is currently a doctoral candidate in performative and mediated practice, specialising in (circus) choreography.

Marie-Andrée is one of the initiating members and the current artistic leader at Kristofferscenen. 

Project leader and coordinator – circus residency programme

Marina Rieger
Marina (she|her) has a background in circus arts from Artistenschule Contraire (Berlin/Germany) and is an independent artist and producer as part of Strapmania Collective since 2017. She holds a BA from Humboldt University of Berlin in Northern European Studies and Cultural History and Theory. She advocates within the German Association for Contemporary Circus (short: BUZZ), for the sustainable development of the circus arts sector and as an international network coordinator. She is currently a student at Stockholm University of the Arts and focuses her artistic research on posthuman performing arts. 

As part of the Kristofferscenen-team Marina works with the development of the programme for circus residency and is the contact person for residencies.

Webb and communication

Klara Mossberg
Klara is a tight wire artist and aerial acrobat, since 2011 she has toured around Europe with different circus performances and companies, she has created circus acts for the international market and performed as a circus artist in a broad spectrum of genres, from experimental art projects to opera and musicals.
She has a BA in Circus from The University of Dance and Circus, (today SKH) and she has studied Biomechanics and Motor control at the Master programme at GIH. She was for many years vice president and board member of Manegen and frequently teaches at Cirkus Cirkörs Circus gymnasium.

Klara has worked with webb and communication for Kristoffersecenen during early spring 2022.

Marie Nilsson
Marie is an independent sound and light technician with a background in industrial climbing. She has worked as a circus artist 15 years ago and she has been technical coordinator at the Department of Circus at SKH.

At the present moment she has a part time engagement as stage technician of Kristofferscenen.


Thomas Grahndin Jensen

Thomas is originally from Denmark but moved to Sweden in 2015 to study at the Circus high school of Cirkus Cirkör. Since 2019 he has studied Circus at Stockholm University of The Arts (SKH).
Thomas became part of Kristofferscenen in February 2022 and is giving a hand where and when it is needed. Amongst other he is helping out with practical tasks and he is present to welcome the audience in and to introduce the performance when there is shows at Kristofferscenen.

Producer 2020-2021

Eduardo Cardozo Hidalgo

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Andil Dahl is a musician and the chairman of the board of Kristofferscenen. He was at the origin of the collaboration with Kristofferskolan back when he was a teacher at the school. Andil runs the Reimersholme Hotel, which has won the 2020 SAMI’s award Initiative of the Year! Since 2022, Andil is the director of the Musikaliska Kvarteret, a vibrant cluster of stages, restaurants, bars and events. 


Ivar Heckscher is an all-round pedagogue with roots in the Waldorf school movement and Swedish “Folkhögskola”.  He was the pedagogical director at Cirkus Cirkör’s gymnasiet from 2002-2005, director for the Circus department at the University for Dance and Circus (DOCH) 2005 -2008 and board member of FEDEC- the European federation of circus schools (2003-2008). Ivar Heckscher is one of the co-initiator of Manegen (National organisation for the Circus profession), often teaches at Stockholm University of the Arts’s circus department, is active as an embroiderer and is one of the initiating members, pedagogical adviser and artistic counsellor at Kristofferscenen.


Marie-Andrée is one of the initiating members and the current artistic leader of Kristofferscenen.

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Kristofferscenens´ main partners:
Cirkusperspektiv, Kristofferskolan,
Kristofferskolans Building Foundation
Further collaborations is in development.

CirkusPerspektiv Cirkusperspektiv is a circus production company based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Kristofferskolan is a 12 year Waldorf school situated on the hill in Åkeslund close to Brommaplan in Stockholm
DANSISTAN/CIRKUSISTAN is a organizer network of stages in Stockholm city and Uppsala which programmes dance and circus for the young audience.

With support from:
Stockholm City, Stockholm region and Swedish arts council.

Kristofferscenen is a proud member of Manegen – Swedens´ national organisation for circus, variéty and street performance.